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Network Tools and Calculators

A wide range of network calculators to help you make calculations quickly at your desk or in the field.

Online Subnet Calculator

Use CIDR notation to quickly look up details of IPv4 subnets and CIDR blocks.

DNS Tools

Look up DNS records for a hostname like 'example.com'.
DNS Tools

Security Tools

Look up security of websites, including SSL and TLS certificates.
DNS Tools

Binary Converter

Convert between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal.
DNS Tools

About NetworkCalc

NetworkCalc provides a comprehensive suite of online tools and APIs for building, managing, and monitoring networks. Our easy-to-use platform includes powerful features like subnet calculation, domain monitoring, and network management. With built-in capabilities for integration into your own applications or use with our streamlined web interface, NetworkCalc is the ultimate tool for network engineers, administrators, students, and enthusiasts.

Use your favorite command-line tools or programming languages to interface with NetworkCalc:

  • Bash
  • PowerShell
  • Command Prompt
  • Terminal
  • Python
  • JavaScript

The Subnet API is an essential tool for network engineers. It allows you perform subnet calculations on the fly or from a web service or application. This makes building subnets and troubleshooting network issues easy! See how it works with Command Prompt in the video below: