API Documentation

Security Tools

API version: 1.0

The Security Tools allow you to check security details for your website such as SSL certificates.


Send a GET request to /api/security/certificate to get the TLS/SSL certificate for a site.

Example - Browser:


Example - cURL:

curl https://networkcalc.com/api/security/certificate/example.com

Example - PowerShell:

(Invoke-RestMethod https://networkcalc.com/api/security/certificate/example.com).certificate

Specify the host port to use:


Name Type Description
status string The status of the request.
'OK' is a good request.
'NO_HOST_SPECIFIED' means you did not specify a hostname.
'INVALID_PORT' means you specified a port that is out of range. Should be between 0 and 65535.
'TIMEOUT' means either the network connection timed out or no certificate exists on the host's port.
certificate JSON object The certificate.
certificate.issued_to string The host to which the certified was issued.
certificate.valid_from string The date on which the certificate is valid. Date format is ISO 8601.
certificate.valid_from string The date on which the certificate expires. Date format is ISO 8601.
certificate.alternate_names array of string An array of Subject Alternative Names (SANs) for the certificate.
certificate.serial_number string The certificate's serial number, a unique identifier.
certificate.fingerprint string The certificate's fingerprint, a computed hash of the entire certificate.
certificate.raw string The certificate in its raw format.
Sample Output