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Convert numbers between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal representations.

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Use the subnet calculator to calculate the network details of an IPv4 subnet. Use an IP address or CIDR block notation.

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About the DNS Tools


The Domain Name System (DNS) is a service that allows you to type an address like networkcalc.com into your browser and have the website translated so it points to one of its server IP addresses. To put it simply, DNS is a foundational network service that translates between IP addresses and domain names. This allows anybody to register a domain on the Internet and point the domain to servers hosting web files.

There are many record types in DNS, including the A record (host), MX record (email server), and CNAME record (canonical name, or domain alias). These record types allow domain owners to publish DNS records of different kinds of different purposes. A common usage of a TXT record (plaintext) is publishing a Sender Policy Framework or SPF record to specify IP addresses that are allowed to send email on behalf of a domain.

Other network services exist, such as the WHOIS service. The WHOIS service is an Internet listing of domain ownership and the owner's contact information. WHOIS is run by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and maintained as a public service.

DNS Tools and Free API

Use the DNS Tools to check DNS records on your domain, and to verify DNS configuration. You can use the DNS lookup tool to verify DNS records on your website.

Currently supported DNS record types are A, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, TXT. These are available in the DNS Lookup tool and in the free API.

Click on the domain name for a DNS lookup to expand or collapse the results.

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