Introducing NetworkCalc Pro

NetworkCalc - September 13, 2022

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Release notes for the September 13, 2022 release of NetworkCalc.

NetworkCalc Pro

NetworkCalc Pro is here and we're so excited for it! We're one step closer to simplifying the way you build, manage, and monitor your domains and websites. Check out the awesome new features below.

Our tools and public APIs will remain FREE for you to use without a subscription.

New Feature: Custom Alerts

Keep tabs on your domains and websites and get alerted to potential misconfigurations, expiring certificates, invalid SPF records, and more.

NetworkCalc Custom Alerts

With our highly customizable alerts, you can define exactly what to look for on any of your domains, subdomains, and websites. When an alert is triggered, you will receive an email so you can be aware of the issue before it makes it too far into production. Set up custom alerts to look for common issues like expiring certificates, invalid SPF records, and domains coming up for renewal. The alerts are highly flexible, allowing you to define the criteria granularly.

Below are some sample alerts to get you started:

Custom alerts - get notified on issues in your domains and websites

Read more about alerts to see how they can help you avoid common domain and website issues.

New Feature: Domain Reports

Track the health and condition of all your domains, subdomains, and websites.

With NetworkCalc Pro, you can manage your domains and subdomains easily with the unified account interface or through the Domains API.

Domain and subdomain management

For all the domains you manage, schedule a health report to be run daily, weekly, or monthly to help you identify misconfiguration, invalid DNS records, and other issues you don't want to make it into production. The domain and subdomain reports can be run on a schedule or on-demand and also serve as a backup of your DNS configuration.

Domain health report from NetworkCalc Pro

Read more about domain reports to see how we can help you keep tabs on your domains.

The domain management features of NetworkCalc Pro are built with security settings to control who can read, edit, and delete information about your domains. Future NetworkCalc releases will provide the ability to manage teams of users and control their access. Functionality coming soon—like port scanning—will require you to publish a DNS record on your domain to verify that you own it.

Unified Account Menus

Account menus have been completely overhauled, simplified, and unified for a seamless experience:

NetworkCalc unified account menus

Previously, the account menus were confusing and it was hard to understand how to get the most out of NetworkCalc. The new account menus are simple and effective, no longer requiring you to switch back and forth between different account menus and the public calculators. Using the same APIs that are available to you with NetworkCalc Pro, we integrated a seamless experience for you.

Improved API documentation

NetworkCalc API documentation has been split into Public APIs and Account APIs. A number of changes were made to the navigation and display of API documentation pages to make documentation easier to follow.

Examples have been added to all API documentation with a copy-to-clipboard functionality for cURL, PowerShell, and Python. Python was added as an additional language for displaying API examples. Syntax highlighting was added to all API examples.

New API endpoints have been added for managing NetworkCalc Pro features:

Other Updates

The homepage has been redesigned to make options clearer and assist with navigation:

NetworkCalc Homepage Redesign

Pages throughout NetworkCalc have been updated to display better on mobile devices and desktops. The Subnet Calculator was redesigned to be simpler and now includes copy-to-clipboard buttons. The same copy-to-clipboard buttons have been introduced in a number of areas across the site, including in API documentation. One small change to make life a little easier for you!

NetworkCalc Subnet Calculator

Previously, once you chose an authentication method, you were stuck with it. We added the ability to add additional authentication methods (as long as they use the same email address):

NetworkCalc authentication options - Password, Google, GitHub

Now the less exciting stuff - we fixed a number of bugs and other issues:

  • DNS queries not properly saving.
  • Authentication not working.
  • 404 Not Found error occurring in subnet calculator under certain conditions.
  • Invalid parsing of exists modifier in SPF records resulting in an incorrect Invalid result.
  • Removed a poorly implemented dark mode. If there's interest, dark mode will be reintroduced in a future release (but better).
  • Fixed multiple issues with authentication, including adding password reset capability.
  • Upgraded Bootstrap to 5.2.0.
  • Fixed overly wide article padding on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue in API docs, where the navigation bar menus would appear behind the API documentation table of contents.

Get Started with NetworkCalc Pro

We hope these updates and the introduction of NetworkCalc Pro will equip you with the tools you need to build, manage, and monitor your domains and networks.

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