Release Notes - March 14, 2021

NetworkCalc - March 14, 2021

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local_offer Release Notes
Release notes for the March 14, 2021 release of NetworkCalc.


Release of user accounts using Google (OAuth 2.0) or username/password.
Bug fixes.

Website Changes

  • Add registration, authentication, and profile.
  • Add ability to work with subnets: save, rename, activate/deactivate, delete.
  • Add ability to save, edit, download, and print IP address labels for saved subnets ('IP Tables').
  • Add user-managed API credentials and credential revocation.

API Changes


  • Restructure API documentation to distinguish free/public APIs from account APIs.

Subnet Calculator v1.2

  • Fixed a bug where octets displayed incorrectly ('NaN') because of a conversion from base 2->10 instead of 10->2.

Authorization v1.0

  • Add authorization API and documentation for OAuth 2.0 authorization.

Subnet v1.0

  • Add subnet API with multiple verbs: save, list, update, delete.

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