Release Notes - August 22, 2021

NetworkCalc - August 22, 2021

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local_offer Release Notes
Release notes for the August 22, 2021 release of NetworkCalc.


Addition of articles.
Bug fixes.

Website Changes

  • Add articles to website, displayed in navbar as 'Articles'.
  • Add information to descriptions displaying under calculators:
    • Subnet Calculator
    • DNS Tools
    • Security Tools
    • Binary Converter
  • Convert all release notes from plaintext files to new format for articles.
  • Add ability to filter articles by topic.
  • Add ability to share articles to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Fix a bug where specifying a subnet in the URL for subnet-calculator did not pre-populate the form.
    • Example: (
  • Update display of breadcrumbs to set breadcrumbs apart from page content.

API Changes

[No API changes]

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