Release Notes - October 31, 2021

NetworkCalc - October 31, 2021

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local_offer Release Notes
Release notes for the October 31, 2021 release of NetworkCalc.


New website and API feature: saved DNS queries.
Enhanced breadcrumbs.
API documentation improvements.
Article images and enhancements.
Bug fixes.

Website Changes

  • Implement new feature for saved DNS queries that can be executed later:
    Screenshot of saved DNS queries feature
  • Improve breadcrumbs in navigation so they are based on site structure instead of recent history:
    Screenshot of new navigation breadcrumbs
  • Enhance API documentation pages to allow for multiple examples and expanding/collapsing examples:
    • Generic
    • cURL
    • PowerShell
  • Add cover images to articles and thumbnails of the same to article listings.
  • Adjust colors, sizing, and spacing on articles for easier readability.
  • Fix a bug in the navigation bar that prevented the navbar from opening on mobile devices.

API Changes

DNS Tools v1.6

  • Implement endpoints for saving DNS queries and retrieving saved queries:
    • POST /dns/lookup/save/{hostname}
    • POST /dns/whois/save/{hostname}
    • POST /dns/spf/save/{hostname}
    • PATCH /dns/saved/{id}
    • DELETE /dns/saved/{id}

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