Release Notes - March 14, 2022

NetworkCalc - March 14, 2022

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local_offer Release Notes
Release notes for the March 14, 2022 release of NetworkCalc.


We're excited to announce two new features in this release - a new Encoder/Decoder utility and Domain functionality.

Use the encoder/decoder to convert between plaintext, URL encoding, Base64 encoding, and Base64URL encoding. There is also a new public API for the Encoder/Decoder that's freely available for you to use from your favorite command-line utility or to integrate into your software projects.

Manage your domains by defining them in your account and associating subnets, saved DNS requests, and more. Domain features are under development, but you can start defining your domains right away, provided you have a NetworkCalc account.

This release also includes other website improvements, including a new look and feel on many of the pages, requested API features, and bug fixes.

Try out the new encoder utility below:


Encode and decode using different encoding schemes: URL, Base64, and Base64URL.

Website Changes


  • Improve article appearance with new styling, more readable text, and highlighting.
  • Remove non-printable parts of articles from print views that were previously causing ugly prints.
  • Add the ability to filter articles by categories:
    Image of  NetworkCalc article category filtering feature


  • Redesign apperance of the Subnet Calculator:
    Subnet Calculator from NetworkCalc
  • Fix a bug with toggling DNS filters on DNS Tools.
  • Fix a bug in the Subnet Calculator where full error messages would not display.
  • Implement a new Encoder/Decoder utility to encode or decode plaintext, URL, Base64, and Base64URL:
    Screenshot of NetworkCalc's Encoder/Decoder utility

Other Improvements

  • Systematize design elements to make the overall appearance of the site more cohesive.
  • Fix display of calculators on mobile devices and improve mobile appearance throughout the site.
  • Overhaul homepage and include recent articles and a table of page links.
  • Add Reddit, LinkedIn, and Twitter socials to footer.
  • Fix a bug that prevented account verification.
  • Upgrade Bootstrap to 5.1.3.
  • Add a downloads utility that allows for downloads of things like subnet charts.
  • Delay loading of non-essential icons and other static assets for faster site performance.
  • Patch a vulnerable dependency.

API Changes

All APIs

  • Add an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to all public APIs to allow use in web browsers.

Encoder v1.8

  • Implement endpoints for encoding and decoding plaintext, URL, Base64, and Base64URL:
    • GET /encoder/{value}?encoding={encoding_scheme}

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